Creations by artist:   Linda David
Where art is ingrained in wood.
Intarsia, Inlay, Fret, and Segmented
Scrollsaw Designs

Unique and Fun Home Decor
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  1. Happy Hour
    Happy Hour
    The round pine wood back is perfect for these two party birds. It's happy hour somewhere! This piece is done using 'segmentation' method and measures 13-1/2"hX11-1/2"w Available for $73
  2. Home Tweet Home
    Home Tweet Home
    Colorful birds make a 3-D 'home sweet home' type wall placque extra special. Natural pine back and hand painted birds 'segmentation' style piece. Measures 8"hX14"w. $76
  3. Motorcycle Shelf Piece
    Motorcycle Shelf Piece
    Solid Mahogany fretwork image of motorcycle is an inch thick and will sit on a desk or shelf, or can be hung. 6"hX9"w $53
  4. Geometric Design
    Geometric Design
    Layered shadow box geometric design is 1" thick, and is composed of a visually intriguing layering technique. 8 individual layers, each slightly different then the next..natural Baltic Birch wood. 7-3/4"hX7-3/4"w $56
  1. Koi Bowl
    Koi Bowl
    Decorative bowl with fish and lily pads, and the water looks so real you will want to touch it. Segmentation style wood piece. Ready for a desk or tabletop, this bowl is 11" round x 2-1/2" tall. $103
  2. Tiger Eyes
    Tiger Eyes
    He looks fearsome! This closeup of the tiger's eyes is a layered fretwork piece. Perfect for hanging on the wall or setting on a shelf. Made from Baltic Birch. 6-1/2"hX10-1/2"w $59
  3. Train Bear
    Train Bear
    With his hat and vest this bear is ready for a train trip. Done Intarsia style, there are only natural woods used. Wall hanging. 16"hX12"w $90
  4. Wolf Eyes
    Wolf Eyes
    The eyes have my attention. A closeup piece featuring the wolf's eyes is a layered fretwork piece about an inch thick. Ideal for sitting on a shelf or hanging on the wall. Baltic Birch wood. 6-1/2"hX10-1/2"w $50
  1. Hummingbirds and Flowers
    Hummingbirds and Flowers
    These two hummingbirds were cut from natural Cherry wood. Great for hanging in a smaller area for the hummingbird lover. Measures 7-5/8" across. $43
  2. Heron
    Maple is the wood of choice for this fretwork Heron. He is just looking around. This elegant piece makes a beautiful wall accent piece and is 9-1/8"hX7-1/8"w. $43
  3. Sunset Egret
    Sunset Egret
    Solid maple wood was used to create this Egret standing in the water. Delicate looks but enduring beauty in this fretwork. 6-5/8"hX8-5/8"w. $41
  4. Hummingbird with Flowers
    Hummingbird with Flowers
    This hummingbird fretwork was cut from natural Cherry wood. Ready to hang on the wall in a smaller area, this circle measures 7-5/8" across. $42
  1. Love Dancing
    Love Dancing
    Male and female dancers form a heart (and base) is cut from natural poplar wood. The multi-dimensional heart hanging down from their joined hands is made from African Padauk. Fretwork sculpture 9-1/2"hX7"w $35
  2. Native American
    Native American
    Native American Indian images fretwork cut from a Baltic Birch overlay, and mounted onto a walnut stained Pine back piece. Beautiful accent piece, 13-1/2hX12-1/2w $58
  3. Arrowhead Spirit
    Arrowhead Spirit
    The wall decor features the Native American cut from copper, the eagle is natural Baltic Birch wood, the arrowhead is walnut, and Basswod log with natural bark. Inlaid fretwork measuring 12-1/2"hX8-3/4"w. $87
  4. Lady of Guadalupe
    Lady of Guadalupe
    Blessed Virgin Mary image is a symbol of respect and faith. This layered fretwook has the top layer done in natural Baltic Birch, the back being walnut stained Pine for contrast. 11-1/4"wX8-1/4"h $48

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