Creations by artist:   Linda David
Where art is ingrained in wood.
Intarsia, Inlay, Fret, and Segmented
Scrollsaw Designs


Art by  Linda David


Typically composed of all natural woods with no stain or paint.  Each piece is cut from the desired types of wood, with an appealing grain, and coloring.  Special attention is paid to the grain direction of the wood, as individual pieces use that grain to give definition to the design.   Next every piece is shaped and contoured, and then glued together to make the image.  It is a meticulous process which has been handed down for thousands of years and can be seen in ancient castles and cathedrals.
A design is cut from a solid piece of wood and cut out similar to a modern stencil.  It is a very precise method because one wrong cut can ruin an entire piece.  The fretwork designed cut wood is beautiful as a standalone image, but also looks great when overlayed onto a contrasting piece of wood used as a backing. The actual fretwork cutting is most often left 100% natural in color.

The entire image would be cut with from a piece of wood very much like a puzzle.  The pieces are then shaped as much (or as little) as desired to achieve the desired perspective. Each piece is then painted or stained as needed to give the artistic influence on color needed, since it was all cut from one piece of wood.  Gluing it up, and the picture comes together.  This method produces some absolutely beautiful pieces, and can be a bit more budget friendly then Intarsia.
Other Styles and Info
  • Inlay involves fine cutting and insetting one wood, metal, or other medium into the wood.  It is beautiful and delicate.
  • Compound cut pieces involve using thicker pieces of wood and cutting design patterns from multiple angles.
  • Sculptures may be composed from a combination of methods which will make a stunning display.
  • Irregardless of the type of art made here, unless otherwise requested each piece is finished with several layers of a clear coating to give the wood some protection and to allow the natural wood to show off it's beauty.

About the Artist, Linda David

I am a freelance artist always looking to be inspired and partake of new and exciting projects, and finding the appreciative recipient for pieces I've made.

I create artistic renderings from existing and new patterns, sketches, and photographs.  Each piece takes on unique characteristics dependent on the colors and grain patterns of the chosen woods.  No two pieces, even from the same design ever look identical.  Nature provides a surprisingly vast rainbow of wood colors to enhance art. 

I use many techniques, all involving in depth use of the scrollsaw complimented by intuitive shaping of the wood to achieve multi-dimensional effects. 

People ask me how I got started doing this.  It was an empty nester's new hobby experiment around year 2K, and immediately turned into a passionate obsession.    I am self taught, learning from books and magazine I found on the subject.

After several years of practice I started entering contests and shows, winning ribbons along the way.  The hobby turned into true art and I started exhibiting at fine art galleries and was officially juried as an artist.  That progressed into some of my designs and instructional writings being published by one of the magazines I'd initially learned from.  

I demonstrate regularly at various events and encourage others to get into any hobby that brings out their passion.   I try to teach kids that not all wood is 'brown', and you cannot judge a tree by it's bark--it's what on the inside that counts.   

I enjoy the challenges people present to me to make things they would love to see come to life.  It's rewarding!

If you see something on this website that interests you, or if you have scrollsaw questions, you are invited to contact me!
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