Creations by artist:   Linda David
Where art is ingrained in wood.
Intarsia, Inlay, Fret, and Segmented
Scrollsaw Designs

Welcome! My name is Linda David, scrollsaw artist.  I create artistic decor as well as fun items mostly from wood.  This site includes just a few examples of what I've done, custom creations, and available inventory.  Each item is made personally by me using a scroll saw and other woodworking tools.  No two pieces, even from the same concept are ever identical because every piece of wood is different in coloring and grain.   My designs may depict animals or scenes from nature, a loved one's pet, spiritual or seasonal items, historic events, designs from photos provided, a client's special request, or something from my own imagination.  Because wood is naturally beautiful, many of my creations are 100% natural wood with zero paint or stain.  I look forward to providing you with a one of a kind gift for yourself, or someone else.  Thank you for visiting........                 ArtIngrained by Linda David.


  1. Fierce Love
    Fierce Love
    16 different kinds of natural wood, including the cholla cactus shell for the base. 15"x15" $510
  2. Camelback Balloons
    Camelback Balloons
    All natural woods 11-1/2"h x 23-1/4"w. Picture & description published In Scrollsaw Magazine Winter 2017 issue. $475
  3. Beach Cove
    Beach Cove
    100% natural wood Intarsia. Can't you just see the palm fronds waving in the wind? 19"hX27"w $1,200
  4. Nature's Window
    Nature's Window
    Natural wood Intarsia, 3-D style original design inset into window. 31"hX20"w $496


  1. Sea Turtle Sculpture
    Sea Turtle Sculpture
    Natural wood Intarsia 10-1/4"tall $115
  2. Scenic Crosses
    Scenic Crosses
    Fretwork multi-layer scenic crosses 17"hx11"w $55/ea
  3. Double Eagle Image
    Double Eagle Image
    Fretwork multi-layer design 10-3/4"hx8"w $51
  4. Purple Iris
    Purple Iris
    Color washed lath art design 20"hX14-1/2"w $90

SEASONAL & FUN ITEMS TOO -- Just A Few Examples

  1. Religious Santa
    Religious Santa
    Natural wood Intarsia 10"hx7"w $162
  2. Specialty Puzzles
    Specialty Puzzles
    Custom & inventory puzzles of any design for most any budget.
  3. Humorous Decor
    Humorous Decor
    Fretwork multi-layer "Gone Crazy" design 6"hx9-1/2"w $28 (almost any saying can be done this way---invent yours!)
  4. Toy Blocks
    Toy Blocks
    Animals of most any kind cut from wood. Starting at $1.50 each


  • Maricopa County Fair  April 15th-19th, 2020
          Fair cancelled for COVID precautions.

  • Arizona State Fair   October 2020
                 Demonstrations daily, fair opening until early evening

  • Phoenix ZooFari   October 2020
           Fundraising event - one of my pieces for auction

  • Arizona State Fair  10/3-10/26/19 (daily demos)
  • Phoenix ZooFari 10/4/19 (fundraising auction)
  • Holland Art Gallery   June 2019  (fine art exhibit/show)
  • Maricopa County Fair April 2019  (daily  demos)
  • Herberger Gallery   Jan-March 2018  (fine art exhibit/show)


Solid walnut was the wood of choice for this elegant custom wall plaque. Commissioned by a gentleman inspired by a saying he credits his grandmother using, it does contain meaning on so many levels.  This piece measures 9"x16" and is 1/2" thick.  It is done in what is called "fret" style, which means cutting the design completely through a solid piece of wood.  Thank you Tyler! 02/20 (see how it was done on Custom Designs page)