I believe in collaborating with my clients to display the unique images they seek.  I offer a variety of different services, depending on my clients’ needs:  the decor they wish to compliment, that special gift, or simply to desire to own artwork  that is not mass produced---but one of a kind.
Most of the pieces you see are made up of many pieces of wood, each cut and shaped to fit all the others in the display.  Some of these have hundreds of pieces of wood individually worked, finished, and assembled to create what you see.  It is nature's puzzle that I mold together anxiously to see the result.
 Beyond items priced on this web site that are already completed (or other items in inventory), I do not have a set pricelist because each piece is unique and requires different woods, finishing processes, overall size of piece, and time devotion.  I will gladly give you an estimate for any custom piece, prior to any commitments and with no obligation whatsoever simply by asking for a price or more info of any kind.  I will happily describe the options, types of woods, and similar project previously done or currently available which are not shown.
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Puffin Table or Shelf  Piece SOLD
Jumping Dolphins  $110
Heron ornaments  $25/pair
Leopard   SOLD

Tiger Growl---auctioned by the Phoenix Zoo for their annual fundraiser (Oct. 2015) auction and gala. And celebrating opening of the Samatran Tiger Exhibit
Maricopa County Fair  2011  Zebra Wall Sculpture

Please contact me for sizes of specific items, better pictures, and other items that might be available.  I have limited what is shown to space available.   There is far more available for you!
email: ArtIngrained@Live.com               where.....     Art is Ingrained in the Wood
Iris wood art perfect for a punch of color!   $63

Leopard drinking with his reflection cut from 1/4" thick wood and framed for perfection.   $450
All natural woods make up this adorable bear.  $110
Fun horse sure to please the horse lover you have.  SOLD
Framed Baltic birch fun message  SOLD

Cute and fun gift......And it's only $25
Train engine mounted on 3 piece oak backing  SOLD
Wall plaque for the train enthusiast   SOLD

Fun words on custom made train silhouettes.  Pick the type of train and words you want --- we can make it happen together!
You guess the band!  Styx? Sticks? Yes!