I love to work from patterns I purchase, as well as from sketches and pictures.  Just like a painting, or sculpture, the subject of my interest is the basis for what I am working toward depicting. The initial artwork is just that though  ...  It is the beginning of something greater!   
Each piece of wood I pick up will steer the course of the outcome, sometimes not totally reflected until I put on the finishing touches.  Each and every tree in nature has different shades of wood and grain patterns within every layer.  It is determined by nature: where the tree is grown, the amount of sun and rain, cold and heat, and age of the tree when cut. It is exciting to experience the character this mystery adds
It is because of the innate makeup of wood, that I can make two or more items from the exact same pattern/sketch, and yet never have them come out identically.  Have you ever seen two totally identical trees?   They are like people--all different.
If you see something you like, or you would like something made similar to what I've done...but changed in some way toward your tastes, contact me.  We can go that direction.  For instance, seasonally popular are angels.  For several people,  I have used white ash wood, and then color wash the dresses of the angels to coordinate with the decor of the room they go into (color washing is like staining, it is adding color but still allowing the wood grain to show through--it is not painting.
This currently uncommon form of art requires patience, skill, and lots of time!
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Three cute birdies     SOLD
Bobcat sculpture $195
Small bobcat sculpture $175
Double Eages  Sold to LM 12/19/13
Cute birds 3-D wall plaque that says it all     $60
Dramatic Great White Egret $225
Hanging PRAIRIE DOG   Sold
SQUIRREL wall hanging   $97
Rustically framed QUAIL lathe art.  SOLD
Patina copper inlays on birch wood ornaments$20- $30 each including shipping!     More designs are in the works.
Wood on wood Ornaments $15 each including shipping costs!
Other designs available upon request.

Kokopelli dancers with Coyote table decor.
Cut from wood and copper, with patina accents.  SOLD
Small home decor and perfect gifts, small on size but impressive!
Each ornament is made from a slice of BIRCH wood for the back, and since they are from real trees each piece is different and unique.  
These ornaments vary in size from 2" - 4" on average.
The ones in the left panel have overlays made from plain and patina'd copper, all hand cut and no two ever identical in any respect.
The right panel ornaments have overlays cut from Walnut stained baltic birch.
Custom made ornaments also made upon request.
These can be used as ornaments, jewelry, and a miriad of other creative accents!            
Discounts available for multiple piece shipments to the same address.
Add color to a room with elegance.  $90