Appreciating the possibilities of scrollsaw art made from wood, started with my parents.  My mother was crafty, never shying away from a challenge.  My father built us gorgeous furniture for our bedrooms as kids.  As an adult, when empty nest syndrome hit me, I needed a hobby, and expanded upon my parents influences.  I took something of them, along with my career of thirty years in precision metal parts....I use a crafty eye, the natural characteristics of wood, and the focus and discipline learned in my career.  I fell in love with artistic woodworking.
I have created hundreds of pieces over the years, first for myself while I learned, and later as gifts to encouraging family members.  The practice was liberating in exploring my abilities, and refining  techniques.  It is a constantly evolving process.   I have competed in county and state fairs, being honored with several first place blue ribbon entries.
I now enjoy exhibiting my work of love, demonstrating the art, and producing beautiful and creative pieces that are each as unique as the wood in my hands at the time.  Wood challenges an artist to show off it's beauty.
Every piece of wood has it's own characteristics in grain, color, and shading.  Depending on availability, white could be provided by aspen, green with poplar, and black by ebony;  Domestic woods like pine, walnut, oak, and poplar are fantastic to work with. And, not all woods are "just brown".  Other resources provide oranges, blues, yellows,  and gray.....woods like African padauck, bamboo, yellow heart, and ebony.   Many pieces, especially those done in the style called "Intarsia", allow the wood to speak for itself.  I cut, shape, and assemble the pieces, then clear coat the wood.  The wood's grain, texture, and color says it all timelessly.
Intarsia is used where multi-layering is desired, but "Fret" cutting provides for silhouettes (like the Iwo Jima on my home page or the Christmas ornament this page), a silhouetted tiger, an anniversary clock, or other images that are beautiful and compliment the viewer's intellect and perceptive eye for detail.   It is dramatic in itself.
Some pieces require more bold enhancement and coloring, like exotic birds.  More affordable domestic wood may be used, with color enhancing staining or painting to achieve the desired look, while still using wood as my basis medium to form the piece.  Each piece is still a one-of-a-kind artistic treasure.
Having worked to achieve my success, I also appreciate the desire to own something beautiful, or to be able to give a unique gift.  In selling my pieces, I keep in mind that it also needs to be affordable. Some pieces (like those with significant amounts of exotic hard woods) are not inexpensive, and are priced accordingly.  I try very hard to price my work reasonably, based on the types of wood used, design time, supplies, etc.  Many pieces can be made quite attractively on a smaller budget.  That said, should you see something you like, we can work together to fit most any budget for that one-of-a-kind item.

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This sea turtle is all  100% natural wood, clear coated to show off the beauty of nature., and mounted on a piece of granite.  This uses a combination of Intarsia and Inlay techniques to create a unique table sculpture.  ------------>>>>
This adorable trouble-maker RACCOON is made from all natural woods.  Can you identify them?  Walnut, ebony, mahogany, spanish cedar, birch, maple, aspen, cherry, birch, and poplar.  Good grief he's cute!  SOLD 10/18
<<<<<<Every piece of wood in this wine bottle, glass, grapes, and leaves are all 100% natural in color.  Absolutely nothing in this piece was stained or painted in any way!!
Sea turtle sculpture.
Available at the Holland Gallery of Art.
Scottsdale, AZ through June 2019.
       SOLD 10/19/14 
This 3-D window is my creation with the parrot and toucan is called "Nature's Window". This is done in Intarsia style with 100% all natural woods:
Oak, Kok, Walnut, Green Poplar, Purple Poplar, Satinwood, Aspen, Blue Pine, Peroba Rosa, Purpleheart, Baltic Birch, Chakte, Maple, Ebony, and Reclaimed Barnwood.  Nothing stained or painted whatsoever---isn't wood's natural beauty grand!!
$375 plus shipping
Wine cheese and grapes....Arizona Art Alliance gallery showing 2012, this piece took 1st place in class at the art gallery show and sale.   All natural woods win again!>>>
This angel took 2nd place at the Beatitudes Art Show and Sale 2012
My Featured Pattern in Creative Woodworks & Crafts Magazine 2013
Sunset Parrot   Sold, but one can be made for you very similar to it!