Welcome!  My name is Linda David and here you can get more information on me and the presentation of art where wood is the medium of choice.  This site includes just a few examples from my portfolio, and the types of services that I offer.  As a freelance artist I am always looking to be part of a new and exciting project, and finding the appreciative recipient for pieces I have crafted.
I create artistic renderings from patterns, sketches, and photographs. Each piece takes on unique characteristics dependent on the colors and grain patterns of the woods chosen.  No two pieces, even from the same design, are ever identical.  Nature provides a surprisingly vast rainbow of wood colors to enhance art.  Pieces may depict animals or scenes from nature, spiritual or seasonal items, historic events, a loved one's pet, school mascots, useful yet decorative items (like clocks and letter openers), and even corporate logos...just some of my various projects.
I utilize several techniques for scroll cutting and the shaping of wood, depending on the desired work of art or sculpture being developed. INTARSIA (multi-dimensional), INLAY (combining different woods together),  FRET (silhouette), and SEGMENTATION (like a puzzle) are my primary focus for structure.  All are done using a SCROLLSAW for cutting the wood, frequently using a blade not much thicker than a needle.  Most of my pieces are finished with a clear protective coating to "show off" nature's colors, without altering the beauty of the wood.  Some pieces do call for color staining or painting when more dramatic effects are desired. Beauty is all in what the beholder desires to see.  But, domestic and/or exotic hardwoods the basis of every piece.
Please explore my website to see examples of my distinctive style.  If you are interested in commissioning me to do a custom piece,  purchasing an available work of art, or simply inquiring, please contact me for more information.  
I look forward to providing you with a one of a kind gift for yourself, or someone else.  Thank you for coming, enjoy your visit!
Linda David    Email:  ArtIngrained@Live.com
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History and Honorary
Classic Wall Sculptures and Scenes
Special Occassions
Southwestern or Regional
Decorative Displays
Seasonal Designs
Pets or Wildlife
Beach Cove with sailboat, natural wood Intarsia $1,200
Kokopelli Feather  $25
Special Clocks like this one   $110-$200
Natural Mahogany sets off this teepee grouping  $190
Scenic Crosses - Noah's arc cross...$48/each.
3 Wise men cross $45/each (right).
{Nativity Cross--3 left in stock}
Pug piece to set on the floor, desk, or shelf.  $49-$75. Pricing based on degree of customization you desire.
Art is Ingrained in every piece of wood!
EMAIL me at:   ArtIngrained@Live.com
SOLD!   This original design of mine & first piece ever made has just over 300 pieces of wood, and 22 different kinds! All natural-NO paint or stain.   It is 36" long.     Team Ropers 

"Fierce Love" was created using 16 different types of natural wood, and measures 15"x15". $510

January 2019 Phoenix Artists Guild Artist of the Month 1st place winner

On sale at the Holland Gallery of Art in Scottsdale AZ - June 2019
Team Ropers took 1st Place at Glendale show 12/2013
Natures Awesomeness
Large Crucifix    $275
32" tall x 21-1/2" wide.
Natural woods including pine, aspen, ebondy, mahogany, birch, and ash!
This piece is to be hung on a wall, and could perhaps be compliments by candles hanging to either side!
Client Interest
Sign  $70
Camelback Balloons   11-1/2"High x 23-1/4" Wide
wall hanging made from natural woods and NO paint and is a certified original design and first piece by Linda David. $475    Picture and description published in ScrollSaw Magazine Winter 2017 issue. 
Camelback Mountain with Hot Air Balloons are a natural.
"Controversial Fun", the orca riding Santa is made of natural woods and is a humorous Christmas decor measuring about 10" tall x 31" long!  This original design went to M.B. But one could be custom made for you!